Chris Lambries

Raising four children with my beautiful wife Margie, I've painted for hundreds of plays, musicals, church programs, murals and car washes.I learned something new each time.  God is an excellent instructor. 

Several years ago I was befriended by one of the world's preeminent realist artist. I am forever indebted to and appreciative of my friends, Dru Blair,Melanie Alexander and Krystina Cutler. Each, world class artists.   

And to good friends and amazing photographers, Stephen McCloskey and Bennie Brawley and Charles Pittman, thank you for great reference photos.  

At this "phase", if i have a "phase", I am combining my love for all things transportation and my promise to Margie during her chemo, to learn to paint a landscape. it was that, or flowers....kittens etc.  

In most Transportation paintings, the reflective metals, glass, paint and chrome, can tell a story within a story and the landscapes will add another dimension. 

And to those who may wander in, "Thank You" for taking time to view my work, I hope you see something that appeals to you,spend some time, spend some money. There is a lot of hidden details in some of my work,  and please share with friends.  




                           Chris Lambries