All of my paintings are professionally lighted and photographed by my friend Bill Barley of Bill Barley Photography. It is as exact as I see the painting as can be reproduced.  "Giclee" printing offers a range of thousands more subtle variations in hue than other type of printing and again is as I see it. Our fine paper, 100%  cotton linen rag, is also printed  with archival inks. With reasonable care, it will still be as sharp in several hundred years.  As with all fine art prints, handle only with clean, dry hands or clean cotton gloves. Lay flat as soon as practical and frame under glass. We print in 18"x 24" and 16"x 20", fine paper giclee  sizes. These sizes are typically available in stock frames. Another friend is a exceptional custom framer and arrangements can be made to frame and ship to you. Visit International Molding to view frames and mat options  We have gallery wrapped canvass and framed canvass giclees of each release as well. The pricing on the fine paper print includes shipping, handling and taxes,so far.    email:      Thank you.      Chris